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Cheesecake ( White Chocolate Mousse W/ Sun Dried Cherries Recipe


9 oz White chocolate
3 ts Gelatin powder
1 qt Soft whipping cream
8 oz Sugar
2 lb Cream cheese
4 oz Caramel DeLites Cookies,
-diced and crumbled
4 oz Shortbread Cookies, diced
-and crumbled
4 oz Praline Royale Cookies,
-diced and crumbled
6 oz Sun-dried cherries
1 oz Melted butter

Melt chocolate. Dissolve gelatin with 1 ounce of water. Place cream
cheese and sugar in mixing bowl. Use medium speed for 10 minutes.
When mixture is soft and creamy add melted white chocolate and
gelatin. Mix for two minutes. Add whipped cream and sundried cherries.

To assemble: Grease a 10-inch mold with butter and cover sides with
the Shortbread crumbles. Pour Caramel DeLite crumbles on bottom, then
pour the cheesecake mixture over the first layer of cookies.. On top
of that pour the Praline Royale mixture. Alternate the cheese and
cookie layers.

Makes 10 servings.